Saturday, September 13, 2008

BRR 1 - Chelsea Trails 1

The Team Dictator and I headed back to Chelsea after having so much fun a couple of weeks ago. BRR kicked some ass two weeks ago, today it was the trails turn to kick our butts. You'll notice in the pics that our Benevolent Dictator is not on his bike very often and that was the theme for the day. It was a fair fight until we stumbled across an old tough trail and it went downhill from there.

Dictator walking early on............

The Tortise and the Hare

Twilight Zone

Trying to find a mechanical reason for the difficulties

Big ring didn't notice the fresh deadfall.................

Big ring and Fritz have not been doing a very good job
convincing me of the benefits of going tubeless.........

An absolute battle of a ride, wet roots and really high humidity made
this one a real tough ride and I loved it. Success without the legitimate
possibility of failure is a pretty shallow victory, and today there was plenty
of failure to spread around.


PS. Chelsea should be a real treat in the rain.


the original big ring said...

King, I'm in way too many of those photos. I would have definitely taken the shallow (dry trails) victory.
Love the toroise and the hare shot - excellent.

the original big ring said...

after thought: that's a turtle, not a tortoise (which are land reptiles), and considering I am behind the 'tortoise' in question, that makes me the tortoise and the turtle the hare . . . . a little confusing for the average bear, but what it comes down to is I AM SLOW!

King said...

I never said which one of the two was the Tortise of the Hare

Anonymous said...

I gotta get me butt back out on them trails.
You guys getting in via Scott or off one of the other side roads?

(There is some old trails just off FP that will take you out to the highway. Cross over the highway then jump on the trail that way. I haven't been there in years though, so I'm really unsure of the state of the trails).

Should have a trail and ride day.
Everyone bring a saw and cut down the dead brush. Then ride...

the original big ring said...

We access via SCott, though you can get all the way up to FP and into the park. It's pretty straight forward, but jumping on FP is a it of a gong show.

Golonghardman said...

I refer to him as the Dicktater, affectionatlely of course.