Saturday, August 9, 2008

Big Ring podiums at the Quebec Cup

Quick update: 'lil Ringer rode a short but fairly tight race to grab his first MTB victory - at a Quebec Cup no less!

Competition was stronger than expected but Riley took the lead off the start and never relenquished it.


LennyG said...

That is AWESOME!! Congrats Riley... and good job coach!

the original big ring said...

I think that's the teams first, first place podium. Wooohooo!

Kark said...

That is spilling over with total awesomeness!

very pro Riley. Very pro indeed..

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Fritz...oh good job Riley.

Seriously that's awesome. Always great to see little guys ripping it up. Now if we can get him some lady Bics and a road bike, he'll be set.


Golonghardman said...

Great stuff Riley! Thats the first Big Ring 1st place i've heard about too. The first of many to come for sure.