Saturday, July 5, 2008

Stick a Fork In It

Just a quick post from The Vegan Vagabond, Curvy Butt and big ring (posting from rainy Whistler Village) letting you know that we are still alive, tired, but alive. Sleeping, eating, hot tubbing, eating, hot tubbing, napping . . . . a nice change from having our legs torn off of our bodies every day for the last seven.

The race was fantastic and we all had a blast. We're proud of how the Big Ringers did and kinda think if the whole 7 days were like the last 2 single track filled days, we would have kicked more ass. We were ripping it up in the technical stuff!

If the rain lets up, tomorrow's plan is renting big bikes and trying out the downhill course here at Whistler. Yes, despite the sore tushes we still want to ride bikes.

Be home soon with lots of stories to tell.
Hugs & Kisses,
Vegan Vagabond, Curvy Butt & big ring


Golonghardman said...

Way to go BigRingers!The seven days worth of blogs from 6 of you will take some time and effort, so get some rest.

Shorty said...
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Shorty said...

COngrats BRR
we are so proud of yoU!


Anonymous said...

some good riding the last couple of days... real hair raising bust'n behind kind of stuff.
How yah like that huge switch back climb... gruelling eh!

Rather surprising that Tinker ended up where he did. This guy just kicks butt for late 40s!
(hundie results:

Also noticed that Andreas fell back.. what happened there?

I found out what happened to 2 very powerful SSrs:
Dejay and Timmy D.
Seems as though Timmy D went off a cliff!!! ouch!

Also surprising that the Trek boys got smoked!
We'll have to see how they do at the next hundred miler coming up soon!

its a fun course. Just wish the damn thing was solo. Be there in a heart beat! Sht faced grin it brings at times. Amazing little villages as well.

jsager said...

I can't believe your hands were in good enough shape to consider shredding the Whistler DH after the week of racing...didn't it rain all day anyway?

Kark said...

Sat was rainy but Sunday was perfect weather for DH'ing!
and yeah, the hands were nearly worthless for the first couple warmup runs, but they came around. ..or went numb ..or something..

either way, us easterners just can't pass on opportunities to ride primo trails like Whistler. would just be wrong.