Monday, June 16, 2008

Vietnam Bushwack

Yesterday's ride had everything in it: a flat (less than a minute into the ride), rooty & rocky technical trails, fast and flowy single track, discussions on protein and what's the best source (ask Golonghardman how he gets his!), some hike-a-bike, exploring some marshes & swamps, thunder & lightening, torrential downpours, camouflage, and evading 'Charlie'.

hike-a-bike over a beaver damn




more greenery

Good thing we had two 'adventure racers' with us. Those guys are buff.
Thanks for the ride boys!


Hannah said...

I was sooo glad to find you Craig- before that crazy rain fall

Good luck BRR at the BC race and Solstice

Tobin said...

Good ride, man Big Ring and Mark are fast! Kick a@@ in BC!