Monday, June 2, 2008

MSM training weekend stats

OK, here's quick posting of the stats for the MSM training weekend.

Day 1: 3178 feet, 77.12km, 3:44 actual ride time, 20.6 kph average, max speed of 65kph.

There was more elevation than I expected on day 1. Combined with the energy sucking sand, it could explain why most felt it to be the harder of the 2 days. Those numerous little climbs really stung the legs.

Day 2: 5,338 feet, 77.39 km, 3:29 actual ride time, 22.1 kph average speed, 63.9 kph max speed.

Lowest point of elevation was the corner right before the dam where the pickup and boat trailer almost ran over Tanya.


the original big ring said...

so that explains why my legs feel like they've been torn from my body, used as speed bumps in a McDonald's parking lot, then sewn back on by a bunch of monkeys.

Great training weekend Fritz! Agai, thanks so much for hosting it . . . t'was awesome indeed!

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Interesting to note that the total amount of climbing on Saturday's ride is the same amount as a big ass climb in day 2 of the race. gulp...

(that said, it is the biggest climb of the whole race...)

Thanks Fritz for the great weekend!

And thanks Boys for tearing my legs off. Good solid training weekend!

the original big ring said...

iz-zat right?!? Total from day two is equal to the biggest climb on stage two?!?! Uh oh!
Bahh . . . we'll be fine - as long as I can eat four burgers at the aid station afterwards, I should be good.