Thursday, May 22, 2008

NGR - Sock Guy Socks

A few weeks ago the original Big Ring was kind enough to drop off a pair of socks. 'SockGuy' is a Big Ring sponsor so I decide to give this product a Naked Gear Review.

I was originally going to display them in action with my new travel-friendly IRO singlespeed rig I recently built-up, but the socks go so well with my black & silver Niner EMD color scheme that I decided I should profile them with it instead.

These socks fit like a dream. Seriously, they are really comfortable. The ankle area has a fairly thick material and snug fit, yet the foot area has a thinner more breathable material.

So enough with the typical modelling pictures, it's time to take these socks outside and see them in action. Yes... that's right, I said outdoors. None of this indoor/concealed stuff for this fine sponsor!

With a refreshing 10 degrees Celsius outside, I was sure happy to find good use for the 3rd sock.

Here's another fine profile action shot. See what I mean how nice they go with the Niner?

After just a few outings I can see why these socks are so popular. It's a well engineered product. I give it a three thumbs up!

PS: Big Ring, I hope to get a solid mark on this review. Since the shaving I've been experiencing some rather uncomfortable itchiness...


Tobin said...

ok now! :-) no comments!

Matt Spak said...

did you take the sock out for a few drinks before taking advantage of it?

the original big ring said...

Fritz, you've taken this NGR to an all new level. Awesome!

You now know that Sock Guy will never, ever, ever take back any socks that from our team?!

Not sure how you got that "third sock" to stay put!?!?!
. . . er, I don't want to know!

Good on 'ya!

Kark said...

atta raise the Fritz!!

we should actually give all our sponsors the benefit of a naked gear review.
(not sure how Mary at Bike2body would feel about it, but shes a big girl)

I'll volunteer for Steamwhistle cause naked comes natural like when I gets to drinkin'..


LennyG said...


Note to self: Never EVER borrow a sock from Fritz!

P.S. I hope l'il ringer doesn't have the URL to the team blog. :)

fritZman said...

LOL, 'lil ringer won't be seeing this anytime soon.

OBR, in terms of getting the sock to stay put, the 'snug fitting' ankle area is great for the foot, but not so great for the package.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

oh my god. funniest NGR yet.
And we thought you were shy...

Golonghardman said...

Outstanding review! Was that the Mud Flap Girl design??

Holly said...

Outstanding review! Was that the Mud Flap Girl design??