Wednesday, May 14, 2008


After an entire winter collecting parts from the four corners of North America, I finally had all I needed to put together my new 29er - Salsa Mamasita.

The good folks at Phat Moose offered BRR a sweet deal on Salsa frames.
It was love at first sight when I saw the Mamasita; it had to be mine!!
Scandium and carbon fibre - very sexy!

To get the bike build underway, I took the frame back to Phat Moose for the installation of the fork/headset and the BB and crankset, I didn't want to screw that up!

Kent shaves down the head tube before installing the headset.
Note the concentration!
Pretty cool device he had there.

Fork/headset and stem installed - looks awesome!

Next up was the BB and crankset. Kent made quick work of that!

Kent stands behind his great work!

The next part was now up to me and my mechanic; it took us a couple of days to complete because the mechanic has the attention span of a 2 yr old...

Disc caliper installed

The levers, shifters were next

Derailleur on!

Shifter cables - note the red. Everything on this bike is
colour coordinated with the frame colours!!

Even the red spoke nipples match the frame!

The finished product - everything works as it supposed to!

The Test Ride

The mechanic celebrates a job well done with a burger the size of her head! Mmmm!!!


LennyG said...

Nice ride Giles, I bet you can't wait to get out on the trails with it!!!

Kark said...

Every serious cyclist should have a suitcase sized mechanic. know, for road trips.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

wow that bike is so beautiful!

What, you couldn't convince Kent to do a naked bike build review?

King said...

Naked, naked, naked, is that all we ever hear from the Vagabond?

Nice ride Papa G, I'm a little jealous.

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