Sunday, May 18, 2008

The hills were alive with the sound of bikes

Doing my best Julie Andrews impersonation on top of Camp Fortune today.

After singing Edelwiess a few times while spinning around on top of the hill, we got a couple of good laps of Fortune in.

When Curvy Butt wasn't rock'in on the descents,
he was diving head first into ice cream freezers.

Lenny styl'in on Black Bear.

Brook Trout

I've skied this section of the park many times, but I've never seen it without snow on it. I thought that the track groomers went across the swamp after it froze, and didn't realize that there was a causeway running across it.

Got a little more than four hours in today. Just over 9 hrs in two days. Next weekend I'll be putting almost that much time in on Saturday at the Mansfield 8 Hr.

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King said...

Fortune was a little different this morning after 10 hours of rain and 6 degree temps......but really fun none the less.