Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Ring in print

In the latest edition of Ottawa Outdoors magazine, Big Ring Racing's very own Zamboni becomes a published writer, while Kark (a.k.a. Curvy Butt) gets to be eye candy for mtn bikers learning to corner properly.

Big Ring Racing, along with our very generous sponsor Axis Gear, also gain some spot light. Looking forward to finally pulling our new jerseys on!

And one of our favourite shops gets some props too. The boys at the Moose have a funny sense of humor, like to say "Neeeeee!". . . . and have pointy teeth too.


fritZman said...

Good stuff Stef & Mark.

Sorry I completely missed this one. Stef, I never saw your email on the article and so a month or so later I'm emailing Gilles asking where this article is and he's like it's gone to publish! :-0

Hannah said...

did anyone notice Stef was a she in the bio?? :)

Peter M said...

I noticed that. Stef's hot! And have you heard his brother's voice? He's got a sexy british chick accent.

LennyG said...

I absolutely love the way she writes... well done Stef...anie