Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday ride, nicknames and farewell to a friend

On Sunday, Big Ringers got together for the largest team gathering since North Carolina. Also along for the ride were Scott and Joey. The plan was to meet at the border (Champlain Bridge) and do a loop in foreign territory, ie., Quebec, la belle province which also happens to be home to these two clowns. The original Big Bing and shapely bum also met up with us but they went on their own for some BC Bike Race bonding. We rode over the Gats into the towns of Chelsea, Wakefield, Cantley and back to Chelsea. It was a great ride at a moderate pace for the most part with a few spirited climbs here and there. Unfortunately, no-one brought a camera but I was able to snap a few pics with my cell phone and they turned out ok.

At the Wakefield Bakery- Coco, Vegan Vagabon, T-bone, Zamboni, Lenny, Scott

Kari has inherited the nickname T-Bone, the vote was unanimous!

Suggested nicknames for Zamboni: Milk man, Milk bone,
tighty whitie, Bib (The Michelin man), Glad Man. We need a poll!

Zamboni was quite pleased with his bum in his
white spandex - he thinks it is as sexy as Tanya & Kari's!

This was my last ride on my Giant TCR1; the best bike I have ever owned. In the 6 years that I owned this bike, I never had a single mechanical failure (not including flats, of course). I can't say enough good things about Ultegra components (they are flawless) and the very effective compact frame design. The bike now belongs to a young triathlete; I wish him as many great rides with it. My new ride is coming this week... stay tuned!

A farewell to a very dependable friend...

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the original big ring said...

Kari is now T-Bone?!?!! Coco must have just lost it!?!

Zamboni's white shorts . . . . I never thought he'd have enough balls to leave the house wearing them. He needs matching white road shoes to complete the ensemble.