Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 2 Ride 1

Day two started off with a ride called Amasa Back, an out and back (actually up and down) of about 25 km. A short road ride amongst some huge sandstone walls and you are onto the doubletrack climbing.

Basically this one goes up an old jeep road with some moderate angle and moderately technical climbing. At the top you get some nice views of the Colorado River.

No pictures of the ride down, it was basically a rowdy descent as fast as you could go over drops , rocks, ledges, and little gaps you had never seen before. Because it was wide you had lots of choices to make but some of them had negative consequences.....

my only flat all week!

Day 2 Ride 2

After a quick lunch we headed North on Highway 191 for Baby Steps , it was supposed to be a light ride but it turned into a bit of effort, 20+ km of rolling desert single track and some slickrock. Excellent riding especially the hard pack, twisty singletrack, it was like being in Albion Hills without the trees.

The coolest thing was the Dinosaur footprints, seriously.

And another one for scale

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Peter M said...

Holy crap. I need to ride there. Those pictures are awesome. I knew I should ride there, I didn't realise it was a life-requirement. Which it now is.