Sunday, March 2, 2008

Epic Trainer Session #5

Week number five at the gym. This will be the last inside three hour trainer ride for the next two weeks. Hopefully once back from the road trip, and with cooperation with mother nature, we'll be on the road riding.

What do you mean your 'working'?!?!?
The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Dude, is that a hemroid or a chicken in your pants?
It's a poo-let
(French for 'chicken' = poulet)

Golonghardman chokes his petite poulet.

Three hours of this?! Sounds more like a curling bonspiel.

(my apologies for the strong Golonghardman content - as this has been his first and only trainer session this year with us, he needed to make up for lost photo space)


Anonymous said...

dude, that's gross having a rubber chicken in your backside . . . or is it an actual hemeroid??????????

Golonghardman said...

It was actually a Poolet as the blog says. Theres an infestation at the school there, apparently this one was holed up in the gearroom and got rousted out by one BigRing and jumped down my pants trying to hide while i was very busy, (not a good job at all, could have been an ostrich too), anyway i caught it and choked it.

Anonymous said...

that's dirty, filthy and disgusting.
i love it.

Tobin said...

All we know is that there's plenty off room in Rick's plumbers crack! :-)