Friday, February 1, 2008

Austin Texas MTB trip

Alright, so after one complete day of delayed flights, missing luggage, and then a chewed up bike from my lousy packing job when FedEx'ing my bikes to Texas in advance, I FINALLY managed to hit the trails his morning.

First stop was Emma Park and it's literally a motorcycle trials park. Its similar to Outback but with larger step-ups and in rapid succession. Not really the best place to shake winter rust but it sure beats being stuck in a winter storm eh? ;-)

After 2.5 hours of fun, I got back to my friend's place and had just enough time to refuel and tweak the bike before I headed off for another 1:40 of fun at Walnut Creek. Walnut reminds me of Limerick's berms and tight twisty singletrack but with hardpack/limestone instead of sand.

Here's a link to pics & vids of today's action:

Tomorrow I've got 4+ hours of Austin's infamous Barton Creek trail. This will be more of a steady outing so there won't be as many pics but I'll be sure to update. Best news is that we're supposed to see 70+ degrees for the rest of this weekend (I know you guys are happy for me).



the original big ring said...

great photos there Fritz. Loved the bermed up trails - whoot!

While you were riding, I was shoveling 30cm of snow out of my drive-way. Weeeeee . . . .

Kark said...

Yeah, nice fotos Fritz.

don't you just hate the way photos make technical sections look easier than they are?? Just looking at that step up photo and without the experience of having ridden that kind of stuff you'd never get a sense of how tough it is to nail the weight shifting, pedal stroke, timing and strength it takes to do a couple of inclined step ups spaced tight together.

pictures can't lie but they sure can decieve.

fritZman said...

Yeah, another example of a deceptive picture is the one in Walnut with the open drop-in to that long beautiful left-handed berm.

It doesn't look like much, but the entrance is close to a 20' drop - you generate some pretty amazing speed and have to trust that the berm will hold.

I don't know if you noticed but the first two pics on the link are actually vids. If you view them it gives a somewhat better idea of how tight together those step-ups were - and that was one of the easier ones.