Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Fall gem...

Sunny and warm... well relatively warm for Remembrance day. Tammy and I did a tour of SMH today. The trails were a little bit greasy in spots. I think it's that inbetween stage before they freeze up and too cool to dry up. I thought they would be in pretty good shape today but not so much.

I'd also like to report on Mother Nature's amazing healing powers. A few weeks back I rode in SMH with Peter among others and this was shortly after he started beefing up at the gym. We rode through the 2nd v-tree on outback and after he went threw it one side of the v-tree fell over as he flexed his mass. Much to my surprise when I rode past there again today the v-tree is again in tact!!! I even took a picture for proof... check it out!

Tammy looks pretty happy here, funny how that works... She was struggling along on our ride today and did an endo entering the rock garden, right where Mike J did one a few weeks ago, and then after that she was much happier! I guess it knocked the bear right out of her!! It was a nice fall day to get out there, haven't been doing anything as I've been struggling to shake a cold.
Did anyone watch the Riders today? They actually won..!

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